Tower Repairs & Maintenance

Tower repairs and maintenance are an important part of our business. We strive to have knowledgeable, trained and experienced employees who can trouble shoot and problem solve on site. Our service personnel have certifications and connector training for all connector types.
Communication Tower Maintenance & Service - Sebree, KY

Services offered include:

  • Tower lighting repair and troubleshooting
  • Line and antenna repair and troubleshooting
  • Change azimuths, TMA’s, downtilts, amplifiers, and splitters
  • Repair damaged fence and grounding
  • Repair damaged compounds and access roads
  • Third party tower and collocate inspections
  • Mowing and spraying sites
  • Annual or semi-annual tower inspections
  • Annual or semi-annual tower light changes
  • Annual ground resistance tests and reports
  • Installation of anchor guard corrosion prevention systems