AMI/AMR Services

AMI/AMR Infrastructure Installation

Choosing a contractor to install the infrastructure for your AMI/AMR deployment can be a daunting task. NCI’s years of installation and maintenance experience will take the guesswork out of this task and will ensure that your wireless infrastructure will be installed and configured right the first time. Our trained professionals will install your wireless infrastructure to the latest manufacturer and industry standards to assure that you have peace of mind.

AMI/AMR Infrastructure Maintenance

Noash Construction can provide a full range of maintenance, service and repair for your current fixed-based wireless system to keep it at peak performance, which translates to maximum revenue. NCI provides:

  • Preventative Maintenance Inspection & Testing program
  • Data collector maintenance and replacement
  • Water intrusion inspection and abatement
  • Conduit inspection and replacement
  • Connector inspection and replacement
  • Electrical continuity testing
  • Lightning damage repair
  • Lightning arrestor inspection

Site Services

Deciding to deploy a fixed-based wireless AMI project can be a time-consuming and complex undertaking. Noash Construction can help you avoid the pitfalls associated with choosing sites to deploy your wireless infrastructure. Our experts in tower site design and wireless technology can assist you in optimizing your network design.

Noash Construction offers a wide array of site related services and utilities to help customers pick the ideal locations for AMI wireless infrastructure. Site identification and qualification services are offered. Portable site testing platforms can be erected temporarily to prove a site’s effectiveness before money is spent to permanently install a receiver at that location.

NCI offers site negotiation services for companies that identify a necessary site but don't own the site. We will contact the property owner and secure the necessary terms and permits for the wireless equipment to be installed at that location. Noash Construction can make deploying a fixed-based wireless infrastructure worry free.

  • Wood Pole Installation
  • Tower Installation
  • Water Tank Mounting Applications