Tower Services

Tower Colocation

As the years go on we have seen a turn around from carriers building new towers for their equipment to a more cost effective solution of colocating on existing towers. Colocations of cellular carriers make up about 60% of our total jobs within the cellular industry. Our crews are very experienced at installing lines and antennas on all types of existing structures. We also have the capabilities to do structural analysis and tower modifications as needed to upgrade existing towers for more capacity.

Tower Construction Services

This has been our main focus since the incorporation on Noash Construction. We have strived to always provide world class customer service and quality work at a reasonable price. We have worked for many of the major carriers and tower companies. From simple collocates on existing sites to turn key tower sites, we have the experience to take your site the next level. On a colocate or a raw land the first crew on the site is our civil crew. Our civil crews are experienced will all types of civil work including access roads, leveling ground, installing grounding and conduits, and concrete work. We do drilled pier foundations, pad and pier foundations as well as large mat foundations for towers. We also do small equipment pads, building foundations, and other types of flatwork. Our operators are experienced and trained on all types of construction and heavy equipment. Our equipment includes mini- excavators, skid steers, tractors, dozers, and a large excavator.


Tower Service & Repair
Another very important part of our company is the service and repair crews. We strive to have employees that are knowledgeable, trained and experienced in trouble shooting and solving problems on site. Our service personnel have Anritsu certifications as well as flash Technology, Honeywell and connector training for all cellular connector types. Below is a list of just some of the services we offer.

Tower Site Maintenance

Custom Installations

A very important part of a construction company is to be able to change and adapt to the customers needs. Sometimes coverage is needed where it isn’t the best or easiest location to install. We are experienced with these situations and able to work with different layouts and applications to provide the coverage the customer needs. We have completed multiple sites in all of the following areas.